The Spring Semester 2017 studio reconsidered how we Live-Work-Play differently from how we used to. In fact, throughout history we have been living, working and playing differently as a result of many factors: economic trends, new possibilities from emergent technology, social ideology and behaviors etc.  House typologies, neighbourhoods and cityscapes have transformed over time whilst also having to negotiate with the existing historical fabric. In the context of constant evolution, there is a need to reinvent and challenge how to adapt the physicality of our environments to fit today’s living standard as well as tomorrow’s. During this Semester Program, we have analysed the way we inhabit and occupy space, and have questioned what are the new ways of living, working and playing nowadays in order to propose new spatial responses and relationships with a contemporary and/or futuristic vision.

We have mapped and recorded the city of Milan from different perspectives. The resulting drawings gave an overall understanding of Milan through layers of information that helped discover and trigger interesting qualities that were incorporated into the students' individual projects.

Within a given perimeter area in a residential neighbourhood in the Northwest area of Milan, in Zone 8 focused around Piazza Firenze and covered an area of 500 m radius, sitting at the edge of the first infrastructure ring, Viala Renato Serra, and connecting to the city centre by a main avenue, Corso Sempione, the students located their proposition.

The city fabric is composed by the common block typology that coexists by highly contrasted conditions such as an elevated road, an obsolete military plot and few void spaces that interrupt the scale, density and character of the place. Just few minutes walk from the most contemporary concentration of new developments "City Life", we found opportunities to rethink and question the way we live-work to challenge the introduction of a dynamic work-live-play ecosystem.


Dahee Kang
Julian Lee
Andres Ceballos Villarreal
Daniel Cowden
Binham Tang
Paulina Burzynska
Juliana de Mata Santos
Alina Alimzhanova
Jonathan Chester
Reem Nassour
Mario El Khouri
Serge Saab
Karim Nasser
Mia Baraka
Hilal Bou Ali
Jin Li


Naiara Vegara
Marie-Isabel de Monseignat-Lavrov
Katya Larina