The brief for the AA Spring Semester Programme 2014 design studio is to explore the transformation of Microrayons from sleeping districts to self-sufficient communities. Izmailovo Microrayon in Moscow is chosen for the contextual exercise.

An initial exercise is introduced to the students to foster conceptual thinking through 2d – 3d drawing interpretations of physical and experiential site qualities of Izmailovo Microrayon. Each student starts individual research at an urban scale focused on specific given topics so that each project follows a unique narrative. Students are asked to tackle an urban scale strategy followed by architectural scale interventions driven by the analytical findings inspired by their topic of exploration. The project is developed within a framework of one to one tutorials, pin ups and formal presentations.

The programme pushes the student to develop clear design that tries to respond/answer initial questions through a coherent line of thought articulated in a design project narrative. Students are exposed to a series of external presentations that allow them to get feedback from a range of teachers, architects and students of the AA which add various perspectives and points of view to the subjects being explored. The process of building up an individual project challenges the students to respond to different opinions, develop a unique aesthetic style and to articulate a solid thesis.


Jennifer Chu
Joel Lau
Dandi Zhang
Yong Feng See
Yuan Liu
Fabienne Nathalie Tjia
 Pablo Ignacio Guijarro Eguinoa
Paula Madrid Bergillos


Naiara Vegara