AA Spring Semester Programme 2015 design studio was oriented to explore the regeneration capacity of Bolivar Naval base in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, to conceive the site as a new integrated district of the city.

Students studied Cartagena de Indias from a multi scalar perspective, from urban to architectural, in order to formulate their self-elaborated briefs. The programme pushes the student to develop a coherent line of thought referred as project narrative that show the progression from conceptual thinking to design outcome.


Juan Alvarez-Vijande Landecho
Alba Suarez Rico
Antoni Gierczak
Zhilun Zheng
Tianhui Hou
Ran Gu
Xuanchen Zhang
Shaohua Dong
Marie Hjerrild Smedemark
Andrés Harvey Camino
Eyal Amsili Giovannett
Jasmine Gao


Naiara Vegara
Marie-Isabel de Monseignat-Lavrov