The brief for the AA Autumn Semester Programme 2015 design studio was to explore the regeneration capacity of Tottenham Hale in London, UK, and reconceive the site as a new station district located on the link ‘Cambridge-Stansted-London’.

The students started their individual projects by studying Tottenham Hale from multi scalar perspectives, from urban to architectural, in order to formulate their self-elaborated briefs. They had to explore the concept of station district and define a new station hub as a reaction to the site’s future local and regional regeneration potential. The programme pushed the student to develop a coherent line of thought referred to as the project narrative showing the progression from conceptual thinking to design outcome.


Marta de la Rica Roxas
Ana Amunarriz 
Nevin Ounpuu-Adams
Panittra Eawsivigoon
Jane Chongsuwat
Vorapattr Phornprapha
Frédérique Sanders
Guilherme Kuhn
Simay Yildiz


Naiara Vegara
Marie-Isabel de Monseignat-Lavrov